9. Daniel Bryan’s Return



Daniel Bryan was fired on RAW following him chocking Justin Roberts during an angle when The Nexus demolished John Cena to end an iconic RAW. Daniel was gone and the fans did not know when he would return.

The unexpected return was made at the following SummerSlam when Daniel was revealed by Cena to be the final 7th member of his team which was facing The Nexus. The match was a spectacular one, and Daniel played his part. Its a tragedy that we won’t we seeing him in action any more.


8. Earl Hebner Explodes

If you didn’t know, then Earl Hebner was a WWF/WWE referee who now works over at TNA. He was a senior referee at WWE and hence was the official in some of the most important main event matches.

earl hebner

At SummerSlam 2002, Triple H and HBK were in an Unsanctioned Street fight and Earl was the referee. Triple H gave HBK a beating of a life time and then proceeded to lock him in an abdominal stretch using the ropes for leverage. Earl stopped Triple H, which required him shoving the Game. Triple H let go of HBK and shoved Earl, however the stripped shirt wearing referee bounced off the ropes ad shoved back, all the while yelling at Triple H with a pulsing neck and managing to back the Game into the corner.

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