7. Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold


SummerSlam 2001. Angle and Austin were wrestling. At the time, Austin was a heel and Angle a face. The match was an excellent one, but didn’t have a decisive finish. Angle was supposed to be a non quitter, and he played that role well because he wasn’t going down even after getting blooding and taking 3 stunners from Austin.

Austin, being a heel who didn’t hesitate from playing cheap attacked the referee, then hit a stunner on the replacement referee. Then nailed another ref in the face with the title. Finally a heel referee ended the match via DQ.

6. Shane McMahon

shane mcmahon falling

A satisfying match for the Hardcore Title between Steve Blackman and Shane McMahon took place at SummerSlam 2000. McMahon climed up a metal part of the arena and was about 40 feet above the floor when Blackman hit McMahon with a kendo stick, causing McMahon to fall to the floor. Blackman then descended down a little and delivered a flying elbow drop onto McMahon.

The fact that McMahon fell backwards is what makes this truly memorable, thought the floor was padded, this is one of the best insane spots, along with ManKind at Hell in a Cell, in WWE history.

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