3. Shawn Michaels Over Sells Hulk Hogan

hulk hogan shawn michaels

Shawn Michaels was cast into a match against Hogan at 2005’s edition of SummerSlam. Now, the heart break kid was thrilled to be scheduled to lose to someone much older and, in his opinion, much less of a wrestler. HBK did lose, but lost in the most entertaining way possible. He over sell Hogan’s moves. After being hit with a Big Boot he fell to the floor, got up again, walked around the ring and fell back to the mat before Hogan finally pins him after a leg drop.

2. Mean Gene Says “F**k it!”

mene gene curses


Mean Gene Okerlund was about to interview Rick Rude and and Bobby Heenan when a sign in the background fell and gave Gene a fright causing him to forget his line and say, “F**k it!”. An interview alter revealed that the segment was a blooper and a replacement had been filmed but this one was ‘accidentally’ aired.

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