Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company and is also known as (AAPl) in the stock market. Apple is best know for it’s product, Iphone. Recently, Apple suffered a major loss in the stock market as its enters the bear market. A market where stock prices are continuously  falling.  In the last week, Apple Inc lost lost 6.12% of it’s share value and decreasing the stock price to  $105.76.  This makes Apple the worst performer in an Ugly stock market.

There was once a time when Apple Inc. was in the bull market and hit it’s all time high $134.50 of  a single stock. Investors were thinking that Apple will soon be the first ever company with an estimated worth of $1 Trillion but the table turned and could not happen. Meanwhile, Apple’s serious market in China is miraculously slowing down.

For more detailed information on this topic, please visit USA Today.


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