Along with releasing the GTX 950, which is looking like a decent card for its price, Nvidia also announced an update to GeForce Experience. The biggest feature of this update is the allow the capability to stream a game to another PC for Co-Op multiplayer.

The second PC does not need to own the game, only the streamer has to. That seems like a very bold move by Nvidia. GameStream Co-op will launch with the new GeForce Experience. Other features include the ability to watch a stream of another PC. Or control the game running on another machine. However, at this time, streaming to another’s PC is limited to 720P/60fps. You’ll also need a 6Mbps upload for the local player.

You’ll need a GTX 650 or higher card. The feature only works with a Chrome browser plugin. This feature will also only work with games that support it. A list of supported games can be found here.

A early beta version of GeForce Experience will be released next month.

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