Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Xbox Head, was making the hearts of Xbox users pound more faster for the last couple of days. He kept hinting that there was something coming and to our surprise the announcement was that how can we check which Xbox 360 games are backwards compatible.

Info is displayed like this

Info is displayed like this

Cutting to the chase, the games in our collection on the Xbox 360 will tell us whether they are backwards compatible or not. This can be viewed in Xbox 360 dashboard. Simply, you’ll have to get your selector on a game in your collection just like pointing a cursor on a file. This should show you the info of the game and check if the game info says ”Xbox One”. If it does, then congratulations you can play this game via the backwards compatibility feature and if not, there is a whole lot of games to select from. But this feasibility is currently only for those who are part of the Xbox Preview program.


Some games like Gears of War and Hexic HD are still not compatible till this time.

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