Microsoft rolled out it’s new and best ever Operating System, Windows 10 on July 29th 2015. The subscription of all new windows is free for everyone for exact 1 year.

The new Windows is filled with new exciting features. Many people are actually happy to see their lost start button again. The taskbar includes Cortana. The user’s personal assistant which was first released on Windows phone 8.1. There is also an option to switch Desktops in Windows 10. You can add multiple of desktop’s at a time.
We will show you how to do this in our quick guide.

First, go to the Desktop:

Screenshot (13)

Now, press Window Key + Tab to check the opened files and desktops. There will be Add a new desktop Button in the bottom right. You can add a new desktop by clicking that button, or you can use a shortcut key Ctrl + Window Key + D to do so.


To switch between desktops, there are two option. First, press Window Key + Tab and choose from the running desktops. Second, press Ctrl + Window Key + Left/Right Arrow for instant switching.

To close the desktops, press Ctrl + Window Key + F4.

Thank you for using this guide.

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