We live in an era where Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is soon going to rule the world. Virtual Reality isn’t going to be anything like normal film making. You cannot cover the whole 360 degree angle or cut a scene and do it again. No, Virtual Reality way beyond this old method. The characters in the film can know that you are there in the scene with them. When you are watching a Virtual Reality movie, you can make eye contact with the film character. It’s just like you are there in the scene and watching the whole thing happening around you. This type of film making is hard, real hard. It is a glimpse of the future. The future we all are about to step into.

In a VR based movie, you will have to pay attention to every object. Go through your surroundings, check everything and see whatever you can. The objects in the film will be made for the film characters, with that being said, actual human views are different from those in the movie so the objects may differ in ratios.

I saw a video some time ago that a VR headset was being used to show pornographic movies. And for us too see the whole thing happening they also put a headset to the camera. The whole thing was so clear. I mean that it looks like you have entered their world and you can see everything happening in front of you but, in actual it is not. Along with the movies, a Virtual Reality headset can also be used to change gender. For example you are wearing a VR headset and performing action like moving your hand and waving etc. And the same thing will be done by a male/female person sitting around the corner. You can see your hand moving, but remember that it is not your’s but of a different person sitting in the same room surrounded by the same elements. It is just a theory which is still being worked on.

you can see for yourself in this video.


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