You probably read the title to lets jump right into it. Just a little while ago Ubisoft announced and revealed its plans regarding the closed alpha/beta stages of Tom Clancy’s The Division. The people who preordered the game on Xbox One will be given an exclusive chance to play the closed alpha before the game enters the now delayed beta in early 2016. The users who preordered on the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One will be given access to the beta in 2016 as well.

The exclusive Xbox One alpha will only be playable if the users sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement). The alpha will be available from 9th December to 12th December. The special codes will begin being sent to the players from 7th December. The beta is available worldwide except for China and Japan. The game itself has a size of 23 GB., as of the alpha stage.

The full game will be released on major platforms on March 8th, 2016.


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