After the devastating launch of the Batman: Arkham Knight earlier this year, the game was launched again on 28th October and reddit had to say something about it.

I was just going through random posts on reddit and found some really funny and amazing things on r/pcmasterrace.

A fellow redditor who goes by the name davidpatonred shared a photo of what he first observed about the new Batman: Arkham Knight in comparison with the older one and here it is:


We can all relate to the 30, 60 difference in a lot of things including the speed limit board.

There is also some news that Warner Bros. is planning to give out free copies of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Origins to those buyers who bought or will buy Batman: Arkham Knight prior to November 16, as a compensation. The games however will not be available in steam libraries before December.

And here’s another screen grab by fellow redditors of RockSteady trying to cash in with purchased items of free MMORPGs:


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