Microsoft Hololens is an Augmented Reality (AR) which is currently under development. These AR headsets can be used for various purpose like playing games, watching television or even as a primary workplace computer. With Microsoft being the developer, there are chances that the Hololens will feature Windows 10, Skype, Outlook and the Xbox games store. The user version is not yet confirmed for the release but Satya Nadella confirmed that the developer version (V1) will release in 2016.

“We’re looking forward to getting the V1 out, which is more around developers and enterprises in the Windows 10 time frame,” he said. “Which means it is within the next year.”

Microsoft Hololens headset will cover a specific range and angle. But it is enough for the human brain to handle right now. It is an AR and not the VR. There is a different between these two. And AR headset like the Hololens will come handy for the office workers who are bound in a place of work. These Hololens can be used as a new primary Desktop for them.  The holographics made possible by the HoloLens and other such devices give an “almost real” and “tangible” experience for users, which would give Microsoft the upper hand in the AR enterprise space.

Aditya Kaul said;

“It’s easy to imagine the HoloLens replacing a traditional desktop screen, with the HoloLens headset becoming the primary workplace computer.”

Along with this, Google’s Magic Leap is also under development and both the AR headset has not yet been publicly released. In the January conference and in the E3, Microsoft didn’t announced the price and release date of the Hololens. We hope to see the future of AR soon in the market.

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