As per published on the PlayStation blog, Among The Sleep is coming to PS4 on December.

This announcement was published by Kristina Halvorsen, chief of marketing and community development at Krillbite, a small team of game developers from Norway.

About The Game

Among the Sleep is beautiful psychological horror game which lets you play as a 2 year old having weird and paranormal stuff happening to him every now and then. The game was originally created for the PC platform and that the PS4 version is a port of the game with better audio-visual.

The game was created on Unity 3.0, upgraded to 3.5 and had to be revamped on 5.3 to get the most out of the game. Some of the lightmapped levels had to be redone for the light effects and etc.

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The PS4 version of the game is generally more intense in graphics and audio and provides the best possible experience of the game on 60FPS. The first few will also get the Commentary Edition of the game.

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