Recently, Warner Bros. released a patch of Batman:Arkham Knight on steam for users who agreed to go through the beta phases of the patch and it was a wonderful patch but, Warner Bros. pulled it back.

The patch was set to be released sometime in September but still however was pulled back after being temporarily available. The size of the patch was around 626MB.

The patch however received great feedback and positive acclamation from the players who tried out the latest patch before it was taken back. All the major issues that came up with the game when it was initially released for the PC platform were solved and the game was better optimized and gave stable FPS.

The beta participants wrote this on the Steam Discussion Board,

From ‘Saerydoth’:

“Holy…wow. Just opted into the beta patch. EVERYTHING maxed, all gameworks settings on. 4GB used out of 6 (980ti). Constant 60fps. I think I might’ve dropped to 55 once when driving but it’s butter smooth.”

Another beta tester who goes by the name ‘Snot’ took a screenshot of the variety of graphics’ options now available.


This is the most stable patch of the game yet after it’s disastrous performance on the launch day of the game on 23rd June 2015. Let’s hope Warner Bros. release the patch officially soon.

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