Apple introduced a new Television which is most probably to kick Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox out of the room. The main focus of Apple TV is on Gaming and Nintendo Wii-like motion controller.

But, there is a good news for gamers and specially Xbox One fans that Microsoft has planned something big against Apple TV which is most likely to save the future of the console.


Apple TV

Although, there is no guarantee that Apple TV is going to be a blockbuster but, there are major chances. Apple’s Iphone developers can deliver some amazing blockbusters like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds or Clash Of Clans. These apps have proved to be some of the most used apps off all time. Clash Of Clans developers make about $1.4 million each day, That’s right. And with Movies, Apps, Music and games, Apple TV has a huge advantage.

Another advantage that Apple TV has over the consoles is it’s price. The fact that the Apple TV will likely cost $149, versus the Xbox One’s $349 and PlayStation 4’s $399.

During the years, Apple proved to be the most promising company to deliver phones, tablets and mp3’s. In a time span of 2 years, Apple sold 47.5 million Iphones around the globe. On the other hand, Sony has sold 25 million Playstation 4 consoles and Microsoft did 15 million in the same time. Sony Playstation 4 is the current generation best selling video game console with 10 million copies ahead of Xbox. But this is not the first time that Sony beats Microsoft in the console sales. Sony Playstaion 2 still owns the record of the best selling video game console ever! Playstation 2 have sold over 125 million copies.

The biggest game that Apple played is with the Price. Apple TV starts at $64 only. The only product of Apply to be this cheap so far.

Microsoft’s Plan

Microsoft came out with a cunning plan to save it’s console from being crushed against Apple TV. In the coming months, Microsoft is planning to release the downloadable content of Microsoft Windows 10 over all 15 million Xbox One sold. The reason that the Xbox came into being in the first place was to make it super simple to take a console game and also sell it on Windows. In practical, this could not happen. But, Microsoft is planning to make it happen now.

bill gates xbox


The picture above shows Bill Gates revealing the original Xbox in 2001.

In the begging, Xbox One users won’t feel any difference. It will be same as before. Download the game from the store or put on the dvd and play. Although, there was a huge announcement made on this year’s E3 by Xbox chief, Phil Spencer that Xbox One will allow backwards compatibility. Xbox One users can now play Xbox 360 games on their Xbox one console.




Windows 10 on Xbox One comes with an amazing feature. You can stream Xbox One games on Desktop via internet. It is a cross platform and users can also download Windows app store games on Xbox One. So, if the TV is being used to watch boring drama serials or news then we don’t have to wait. We can stream the games and play it on PC. In this way, Xbox One becomes a living room PC.

Now, the only product which is still being threatened by both Xbox One and Apple TV is Sony Playstation 4. Although, the sales of PS4 is still dominating Xbox One but, It won’t be for very long if Sony doesn’t comes up with a solution.

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