Sony showed off some new Playstation 4 hardware color lineup at 2015’s Tokyo Game Show. You will be able to spruce up your rig and controllers with these newly released colored faceplates.

Playstation 4 new colored faceplates:2939814-dsc01497

2939806-dsc01489 2939805-main2 2939803-dsc01486 2939802-dsc01485 2939782-main 2939796-dsc01478 2939799-dsc01481 2939800-dsc01482

Along with Playstation 4, Sony also displayed some new color themed PS Vita and headsets. This is the first update to PS Vita after years.

2939815-dsc01474 2939816-dsc01475 2939824-dsc01506 2939825-dsc01507 2939826-dsc01508 2939828-dsc01510

Sony Virtual Reality headset was also seen at the expo, it was formerly called Morpheus. Sony in the past, gave a hint that the VR Headset will cost around $500.

2939817-dsc01498 2939818-dsc01499

These are some images of Sony hardware which were displayed at the Tokyo Game Show. Sony Playstation 4 is a super hit with over 25 million units sales in a time span of 2 years. Now, Sony is releasing new body colors to make it look even more cool.

A picture of new PS4 controllers design was also posted online a couple of weeks ago and the new controllers look damn beautiful.


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