Forza Motorsport is the latest installment of Forza series. The game is known as the most realistic racing game ever and indeed, it is. Some amazing screenshots from Forza Motorsport were posted online. We are posting it here too where you can see Ford GT’s sweet booty, McLaren P1 roaming in the mountains, BMW drifting and many more. Although, this game is Xbox One exclusive but it is still a badass.

Take a look at the breathtaking photos yourself.


2016 Ford GT


Lamborghini Murcialago


Corvette C7


McLaren p1


Hypercar night race.

11230601_990647050958202_1479762210468960805_n 11904734_990646350958272_2993401056278007467_n 12002903_990646440958263_3393626249066949056_n 12003989_991142634241977_3193173441662335030_n 12004778_991142667575307_2120634151400751856_n 12006086_991141900908717_8745993237328887510_n 12036942_991144774241763_1256511756631596459_n 12039292_991142630908644_6978440499850307811_n 12039740_991142664241974_1176073645176482385_n

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