It’s been a decade since Xbox 360 came out. It was the second time that Microsoft introduced a gaming platform to the public. Many thought that it would be a waste of time and money, but it actually proved out to be the best living room gaming experience of all time and also proved out to be profitable for the company.


Robbie Bach is known as the first ever ‘Chief Xbox Officer’. He joined Microsoft in 1988. During his time, Xbox and then Xbox 360 came out which totally enhanced and changed the way of video gaming. Bach left Microsoft in 2010 and his position was later handled by Phil Spencer.

Bach is always the first one to admit that “probably a big mistake” not to take a Japanese rival seriously. Sony PlayStation 1 came out over 2 decades ago which turned out to be a success for the company. in 1999 they reveled the PlayStation 2 which dominated the Xbox market and that’s not it. Microsoft had a serious danger from Sony that it was providing a much better gaming experience and people would move on to PlayStation and abandon PC gaming. That was of course a threat but it didn’t prove out to be true. PC gaming has always been dominating both the consoles.

“With the first Xbox, we really were making things up as we were going along. There was an understanding that we were not allowed to do that the second time.” – Robbie Bach

According to Bach, Microsoft Co-Founder, Bill Gates set in motion plans for a console to prevent Sony take over the computing from desktop. Gates hired a ambitious team and gave them only 20 months to build a console. The first Xbox wasn’t a success and did not stand up to the expectations.

“As a consequence of the short period of time to build the first Xbox, we really were making things up as we were going along” – Robbie Bach

Xbox 360 came out in 2005 which gave the developers and engineers more time with the upcoming console. They understood it more, they experimented it more. Robbie Bach wanted to make sure that it should not be a fail like the previous one.

“With Xbox 360, we needed to have a much more detailed concept of what we were doing, a much better understanding of who our customers were and how we were going to build a brand, and a much firmer grip of how we were going to manage costs.” – Robbie Bach


J Allard at E3 2005

At E3 2006, Sony announced PlayStation 3. It was the first time that a console ever used a Blu-Ray disc. Sony did introduced a new technology but it didn’t go well. Mainly because of it’s price. It was $599 when it launched which was $200 more than the price of Xbox.

2968436-wgtw3Xbox 360 wasn’t alone. It has been modified twice since the launch.

Xbox 360 has been a huge success for the Company with over 70 Million units sold Worldwide. 360 has a large library of over 1000 games and is still increasing. But the process got a little slow when Xbox One released in 2013 and 360 officially got labeled with “The last generation” tag.

Xbox 360 game owners won’t have to worry if they think that they will have to pay for those titles again on Xbox One. Microsoft recently added backwards compatibility to Xbox one which means that the users can play their pre-owned 360 games on Xbox One.

A happy anniversary to Xbox 360. What are your thoughts on the console and what are your favorite moments with the console ? leave it in the comments below to share your story.

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