The latest installment of  “Need For Speed” game franchise is set to release in November. It is known as the most realistic and fastest Need For Speed game ever. Electronic Arts just started the closed beta for the game.

But, there is a bad news for PC Gamers. The closed beta is up for only Playstation 4 and Xbox One users. There are no news for the PC beta but we are pretty sure that EA will launch it a week or two before the actual game release. However, Playstation 4 and Xbox One users must hurry up because there are only limited seats for the closed beta and it ends soon.

If you own a PS4 or Xbox One, then what are you waiting for. Sign-up here.  Need For Speed closed Beta.

Need For Speed 2015 Trailer.

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13 Responses


    Do not use the pejorative term “Xbone” it is not an abbreviation. It was made up by hateful Sony fanboys to diminish the Xbox brand and it’s fans. If you want to abreviate Xbox One, you have several good choices like X1, XB1, XONE, etc.

    • Deathdeliverer

      Lol dude grow up. Does typing Xbone hurt Xboxes the world over? I have a Xbox and I type XBone because it’s an XB one. Microsoft spelled it “one”. Not numerically with “1”.


        It does hurt the brand because it gives fuel to Sony fanboys who use it to diminish the brand and it’s fans. X1 is the shortest and coolest way to say and type it. Even Xone is less letters than “Xbone”. Nobody says “Ex Bee One”. Sony fanboys say “Ex BONE” and call owners of it “Ex Boners”. Don’t give Sony fanboys what they want. People use numerals instead of words all the type regardless of the original spelling. Xbox is one word, not two so you only take one letter from it. The word “One” and the number “1” mean exactly the same things so they are interchangeable. Only fanboys and retards would choose to say “Ex Bone” when they could say X1 or Xone instead.

      • smashdamn

        Who gives a fuck about what fanboys think. There already is zero respect for people that get fucked by a corporation and beg for more.


        Never allow fanboys to set the agenda. If Sony fanboys are allowed to make the Xbox One into a joke then it will lose market share and die. They did it to Sega and we can’t let it happen again with Xbox. It’s not about giving respect to the words of fanboys, it’s about not giving them power.

      • Dave Matthew

        lol what a crock of shit, im a playstation fanboy who owns an xbox one who call its a xbone

      • The Cipher

        So this is your motivation behind being a blind fanboy sheep that worships Microsoft???? Cool story bro.


        You are an obsessive stalker and a complete failure as a human being. Nobody likes you and those you think do are only pretending as a joke.

    • Muhammad Sameer Husain

      Sir, it really doesn’t matter. Many people are using the term “Xbone” including Xbox One owners. But I accept that it is my mistake and I shouldn’t have wrote it. I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂


        It does matter. Words always matter, even if a few misguided Xbox owners don’t know what their doing, it still matters.

    • Muhammad Sameer Husain

      No disrespect but, judging by your comments, you look like a Xbox fanboy.

    • Tommy-Klow Pulltriger

      I knew it was made up by the PlayStation faithful. Link me to the very first person who used it, I have some choice words for him like “You” and… “are…” and….. “a jerk”

  2. Orko

    Awesome, NFS free beta no pre-order needed!! Signed up earlier today, hope i get selected to try it out!!


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